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Poster Nutbag

its funny you wrote this. i have been joking around with my brother that i am going to buy a phillies shirt with the number 00 and my name "Named Later" or "PTBNL" or something else like that.

i think i have to do it now.


Seems to me I once heard a story of a PTBNL who between the time the original trade was made and the time he was actually "named" -- some number of months -- he did, in fact, change his name legally . . . so that when he reported to his new team, he had in fact been "named" later and reported with his new name.

I really don't think I dreamed this. I'm thinking it was a trade made sometime during the past 10 or 20 years, and it may have involved the Giants and Cards.

Wonder if this rings a bell for anyone.


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