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Signal to Noise

I'd go for Copperheads myself, however, I think Brady Quinn's Photo Album must be used for someone's fantasy football team this year.

Extra P.

My grandparents used to live in Arkansas, and Copperheads would be a very appropriate name - it's snake heaven.


Syracuse has been the Orange for three years now.


289 - My bad but overly tanned persecution really gets my goat.

Jazz Johnston

1st Arnold Schwarzenegger can not be potus because he was not born in the US of A. And Secondly I am in favor of Keeping the Wonder Boy name. The name comes from a man named John E. Tucker who played Football at ATU and did it whit such grace and power people wonderd how hw did it. So he was dubed the Wonder Boy and the name stuck. I am proud to let any body know that I am a Wonder Boy.


Jazz - You should tell ATU how proud you are of the name. It doesn't sound like too many current Wonder Boys share the feeling.


Sorry I know this is an old article but I am a student at Arkansas Tech and I hate the name Wonderboys, most of us students do. Everytime I see someone dressed up in bright green latex, proclaiming to be a wonderboy, I just want to kick him in the nuts.

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