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So what more do you want of a player than to average 27hrs and over 100 RBI's for his career? A hall of famer? No, but George Bell is not even close to one of the worst MVP's of all time.


Lonborg had a skiing accident after the '67 season and tore up his knee.....
nice research guys !!!


Lonborg had a skiing accident after the '67 season and tore up his knee.....
nice research guys !!!

Jordi Scrubbings

Shouldn't Walt Weiss and Chris Sabo be on this list too?


this is one of the worst articles i have ever read you information is terrible and really george bell, come on, no offense but this is one of the worst articles ever writeen... someone should give you an award for it!!

p.s. google called they said your info sucks!


I'm dead serious, who wrote this article? The information is so bad this person should not have a job in the sports writers industry. This person who wrote this article is making espn look like chumps that don't have the internet at there disposal for proper information, plus whoever's opinion is in this article you really need to consider this person writting anything else for espn ever again, im going back to sp[orts illustrated much better info!!


I agree - this is really a bad article. Who cares what they did the rest of their career - the award is given for a specific year and not for their career - that is what being elected (or not elected) to the Hall of Fame is for.


How about Scott Brosious winning the WS MVP in 1998? that guy was awful.


this article was poorly written, poorly executed and mean spirited. Bar arguments are more thought out and articulate


Nice article.

It's definitely interesting fodder for discussion and I appreciated Mark Davis.

I agree with the Bell pick too, although Lonborg probably should get a mulligan.

Chad P.

What about Reggie Sanders, NL ROY in 1995? Still playing, yes, but what has he done? Not a thing.

I also agree that Sabo HAS to be up there.

The Feed

Mike and Thurs - All things considered, Lonborg should probably get a mulligan. Got a little caught up with the dual 1967 winners.

Jordi - Weiss was never a great hitter but was always pretty good with the glove, both in the mind's eye and statistically. Bad postseason player though.

Jordi and Chad - Sabo had great years in 90 and 91 but you're right he could've merited a mention.

Chad - Sanders has been slightly above average for most of his career, don't think he was worthy of inclusion. Thanks for pointing him out though.

Jason - Postseason MVP's weren't in the group, just regular season awards. The line for those guys starts at Eddie Perez anyway.

Mark - Bell isn't an awful player by any means but I'd counter those power numbers with his low OBP and poor glove and say he's a one-dimensional player.


I don't think he won an award in 1990, but how about Bobby Thigpen going from glory to bum overnight? Man had 57 saves one year, after back-to-back 34-save seasons, then had 53 saves the rest of his career, which lasted only 3 more meaningful years.


I agree, George Bell was a stretch. I'd rather see Walt Weiss on this list than Bell.


Where are you people from? Reggie Sanders started in 91, qualified as a rookie in 92. He got a few votes for ROY but did not win, and certainly didn't 3 years after his eligibility was up. Hideo Nomo won the award in 95. Marty Cordova won in the American league, he probably belongs on this list somewhere. When I saw the title, Pat Listach was the first to pop in my head. He was BAD!


I just don't know what more you want out of an MVP than what Bell did in 87? Name another player with better stats in 87? Bell almost got the Blue Jays to the playoffs that year with his bat. You don't expect a power hitter to have a gold glove, especially in the dead ball era of the 1980's. And his career numbers aren't bad either. It's not like he came out of nowhere nor did he fall apart the next year. He just peaked in 87.

The Feed

Redleg - Didn't even bother to check on Sanders since I knew he wasn't going to replace anyone on this list. Thanks for doing my job. Cordova's a worthy call.

Mark - It's not that he didn't deserve the MVP, not what this is about. His '87 season was a very good one. Check out Dave Kingman's stats and you'll see a pretty fair replica of Bell. He struck out more but his power and onbase numbers were pretty similar. I think Bell was a better player than Kingman but only marginally but don't think that type of player, a one-dimensional slugger is worth all that much. Bell won a MVP though and that's why he's here. If Kingman did he would be as well.

DJ Hawk

What about Eric Hinske,2002 Rookie of the Year. He makes Angel Berroa look like an allstar.

The Feed

DJ - No one makes Berroa look like an All Star. Hinske got a mention at the top but Berroa beat him out simply because Hinske is still wearing a big league uniform. That's gotta count for something.


I know you're not including Gold Gloves, but my god how did Rafael Palmeiro win a gold glove years back when he played like 30 games at first base!?

Barry C

Joe Charboneau hit 23 home runs for the Cleveland Indians in 1980 and won the American League Rookie of the Year Award. However, the next season he hit only .210 with 4 homers, and his major league career was over by 1982.


Although it is true Konstanty was otherwise average except for 1950, his year was one of the most amazing ever for a relief pitcher, and he deserved to win MVP based on performance AND value to his team. 74 games, 155 IP, and a ridiculous WHIP and hits allowed per 9 innings, especially for that time. I rank his year right up there with the big Eck and Papelbon years.

North Face Denali

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!

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