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Joseph P.

1991 - Yanks take Brien Taylor with Bronx product Manny Ramirez on the board. Well, everyone was on the board, since it was the first pick of the goddamn draft.


Blaine D.

Yeah, actually Mark LOST the Independence Bowl that year. I should know, I froze my ass off watching that game. Dammit.


No one caused a bigger stir in the baseball card world than Ben freakin' McDonald. Along with that whole 1989 crew. And then Griffey Jr. decided to overshadow them all.

Jim M

I played in high school with Tito Nanni, he was a monster...but could not adjust to a curve.

Howard B.

The David Clyde story is a tragedy because the kid had greaty stuff. A couple or three years working his way up the minors and he might have been a quality hurler for many years. It's kind of sad that all these many years later the Rangers still have no pitching.

As for Steve Chilcott, every time I hear that name I have to reach for the bicarbonate of soda. Will you excuse me?


1971 - Danny Goodwin, Chicago White Sox. Drafted #1, didn't sign. Good thing because...

1975 - Danny Goodwin, Anaheim Angels, drafted #1, did sign. Managed 13 HRs in 636 undistinguished major league at-bats.



Padres select Mark Phillips with ninth overall pick in 2000 draft. Phillips heads to the Bahamas with his girlfriend before reporting to his short-season A team, signaling what the future would hold for the kid. He had a few OK runs, was traded to the Yankees, flopped for them and is now on probation for a possession charge and working as a roofer. He was even voted off a local sandlot team because his confidence was so horrendous.

Doberman On The Diamond

Todd Van Poppel sticks out in my mind. Maybe the most hyped pitcher outside of Brien Taylor, and he just wasn't very good. Bryan Bullington was a waste for the Bucs a few years ago.


no way - worst pick ever: dodgers, bill bene, sixth pick overall in 1988. not only was he lousy in the minors after he was drafted, bu the was lousy in COLLEGE - in three years at cal state - los angeles, he only pitched 147 innings, with 108 strikeouts and 133 walks, with a 5.62 ERA.

the dodgers didn't miss out on much - 1988 was one of the worst drafts ever in terms of future stars - but honestly: who in their right mind would pick ANYONE with that kind of a resume? seriously.


You forgot when the Phillies took Pat Burrell first overall. Pretty poor pick there.

(even though he did take that rat Billy Wagner deep tonight for his first blown save of the season)


yeah like pat burrel is bad..... what are you thinking


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