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Jack Cobra

I'll be honest with you man, I went through your list twice and I don't think you missed a major player. Wirtz is just horrendous, he has set hockey back so far in Chicago, it's sad.


while there's no question bidwill is the prince of thieves, somewhere in the top 10 should have been vince naimoli.

while he only owned a team for eight years, he did more in a short period of time than any owner i know of including chasing down fans after a game and trying to fight them and cursing at other fans... among a litany of outrageous, boorish behavior.

i think my personal favorites about him were his refusal to let ticketholders with diabetes bring their medication with them into the ballpark, having a blind person thrown out for asking to change seats so he could see and trying to beat up a sportswriter.

and that's just a handful of crap he pulled.


As someone who was raised both a St.Louis/Arizona Cardinals and Blackhawks fan, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Perfect assesments of all these clowns.

A 10 Best Owners would be great, also.


Surely Hugh Culverhouse of Tampa Bay Bucs deserves to be on the list. His orange popsicle uniforms and orange blazer alone should put him in the top ten.

First he stole the Tampa expansion franchise from the DeBartolo family. Then he strangled the life out of a football crazy area for 2 decades. He didn't allow scouts to go west of the Mississippi river, hired Leeman Bennett from a used car lot, confused Ray Perkins with Vince Lombardi, let Doug Williams leave because a black quarterback wasn't worth it, named an accountant to be team president and had 13 consecutive 10 loss seasons. All while keeping the payroll down to be the most profitable franchise in the league.

It took his death to turn the Bucs into winners.

Frank Young

A hall of shame to be sure. I guess the Bidwells are worse than Ballard, but he was the worst thing that ever happened to hockey in this city.

Not that it affected his bottom line. Like all Leaf owners, he knew that he could put Leafs jerseys on the members of the Ice Capades and the people would still come to the games.

In fact, Ballard was such an idiot that he spent his final years being milked dry by an alchy in her mid-50's. A fitting end.

The Feed

Bob - Thanks for the Namioli info. The diabetes thing is really horrible. Were mothers allowed to bring bottles for babies or did he demand to watch them feed from the teet?

David - I didn't know the DeBartolos were in the running for Tampa Bay and Culverhouse is another worthy addition to the list.

Frank - It wasn't until I started doing research about this piece that I learned the depth of Ballard's depravity. It says something that there may actually be worse owners than him in sports. Why does something so popular with so many good people draw such slime at the top?

Rob in Arlington

Dan Snyder anyone? After Joe Gibbs version 2 fails again this season, Snyder's next gimmick will be to let The Bearded Lady from Ringling Bros take the helm for a season or two. Amazing, FedEx field will continue to sell out.

Maybe these comments are best filed under Dumbest Fans in all of Sports.


Not even a mention of Peter Angelos? Not that I can argue with anyone you've included, but Angelos belongs squarely in any discussion of this topic.


Where's Tom Hicks? Owns Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars and some English soccer club and could give a crap about all three. Cares little about spending money and winning.

krusty the clown's superfluous third nipple

peter angelos.

he destroyed the os.

Yinka Double Dare

Stepien deserves special mention because he did the most damage in the shortest period of time. I agree with putting him where he is (because the others have cause misery over ridiculously long periods, worse than a temporary catastrophe), but to have a rule instituted because of you when you only had a few years to ruin a team is truly spectacular.

Jorge Brett

A "worst owners" list that doesn't even mention David Glass, owner of the Kansas City Royals, is laughable.

Adam Rainbolt

Who's Bidwell? Try spelling it correctly next time.


No List would be complete without Art Modell. The worst by far.


The owners of the Phillies need to be on this list somewhere. There are about 5 of them, and if you ask the average Phillie fan, they won't be able to name more than 2. There has not been a full commitment to winning for the last 15 years, and profitability has reigned king. Our GM is hamstrung by payroll limitations, while they sit back and collect their money from the new ballpark.

Oops Pow Surprise

Uh, guys? Charles Comiskey? Or were the other owners such spendthrifts that their players turned to throwing their games for more money?


How does Marge Schott not make this list?


Personal Bias Revealed: I'd have ranked Ballard first. Leaving aside the allegations that he molested the teenage daughter of one of his employees over a four-year stand (settled out of court), he deserves extra credit for dismantling a Sixties dynasty to the point that the captain of the '67 Leafs (that'd be the last one), Dave Keon, refused to attend the closing of Maple Leaf Gardens, despite the fact that Ballard had died years ago, because the very sight of his greatest triumphs too thoroughly disgusted him when he thought of the way in which Ballard refused to either play him or trade his rights to another NHL team for the final seven years of his career (he played in the WHA instead).


Great piece--I'll throw three infamous Seattle owners:

George Argyros, Mariner owner of the 80s, who tried to move the team twice and wanted to draft Mike Harkey over Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Behring, who took a very successful Hawks team run by the Nordstrom family and ran them into the laughingstock they are perceived as. Oh, and also tried to move them to Cali.

Howard Schultz, who ruined the Sonics and then sold the team to Oklahoma City.

josh q. public

how do the jacobs brothers (Boston Bruins) not make this list. Just horrible what they did to a once storied franchise.

josh q. public

how do the jacobs brothers (Boston Bruins) not make this list. Just horrible what they did to a once storied franchise.


While I agree WC Ford is one of the WORST owners in all of sports, you've made the common mistake of tying him to Ford Motor Company. While he is a Ford and the grandson of Henry Ford, he hasnt had anything to do with Ford Motor Company in about 40+ years.

John Arivosis

Jeffrey Loria is not a terrible owner. The Marlins are the best franchise ever - they are competitive and not blinded by emotional attachment. They have never failed to put a solid team on the field. The Dolans stink! Also, the Colgate J Puffers actually have the worst owner in sports. Those guys just plain stink! Wonk wonk.

F Story

What's the name of that guy who owns Epic Security? He is the perfect display of contrasting ownership qualities. On one hand, he is passionate and invested enough to believe that his team is THE team. From a personnel standpoint, however, his team sahks!!


the nuttings, plain and simple.
only one thing need be said, 14 losing seasons of pirate baseball and counting.
and the future looks bleak.

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