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Dirk Diggler



Snoop Dogg, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson, Jessica Alba, Santana, Ronnie Lott, Dusty Baker, Woody Harrelson....It sounds absurd but are these Warriors now America's Team?....i have a sneaky suspicion we're going to see quite a few A listers getting a sudden month of May jones for wine country and roundball.....the warriors and their fans remind everybody what sports was about before the millions and the spotlights....FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME! Pure naive delight that they refuse to let pass without giving it every ounce they have, both players and fans. Baron Davis=heart of a lion....he has charisma, hes thoughtful in his interviews, does things in the community and is team first...my mom's trying to grow the clubber lang beard for chrissakes, and she doesn't even like basketball.....

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