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the butler

Was there some mathematical formula that determined Pacman's suspension should be twice that of Chris Henry?

Goodell the scapegoating politician. What a hypocrite. All of a sudden he's genuinely worried about the NFL's "integrity". Right.

I don't remember any integriy issues when the entire Vikings team had a Sex Boat Fest a couple years ago. Or when Ray Lewis was charged for MURDER.

Dozens of players are arrested last year, and he's gotta pick on my man Pacman.

What happens when Brady or somebody like that gets a DUI in week 17...you think Goodell will be consistent with his punishments and suspend someone like that?

The Feed

Butler - Good stuff there. I think there's a pattern of behavior with Jones and Henry that outweighs some of the other offenders but you're right that guys like Lewis deserved harsher penalties than they ever received. Goodell hasn't been on the job that long and I think this is a big step out of Paul Tagliabue's shadow for him and the right move. What happens next, I don't know.

As for the more games for Jones than Henry, what he did in Vegas was worse than anything Henry did and his rap sheet is too long to get anything but the sweatiest jobs outside the NFL so I'm not too upset by it.

All sports have treated DUI as a joke and I wonder if they will continue to until a member of one of their families dies in an accident with a drunk driver.

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