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Calling Lopez one of the biggest busts ever is a huge overstatement. Yes, he didn't live up to the hype. But he had a very good college career, something resembling a pro career, and actually improved as he went along in college. Not quite up to expectations, but "bust" in my mind looks more like Demarr Johnson, Luther Wright, or Mickey Curley. Lopez was closer to Gerald Wallace in college (though certainly not the pros.)

The Feed

It's the devil of expectations Kashetreya. Lopez never lived up to his so no matter how decent his college career turned out, he's a bust. The same way A-Rod's been a bust with the Yankees and Marbury with the Knicks. Time passes and numbers don't tell the whole story. In New York, Lopez was a god, the subject of an article in the New Yorker even before the SI one and never lived up to the hype. That's what I meant when I called him a bust, wasn't even taking his pro career into account.


He was one of the biggest busts ever. He was way more hyped than Luther Wright or Mickey Curley or any of the other players that you mentioned. That's why Ryan Leaf is one of the biggest busts in the NFL. Same thing. The better a guy is in college, and the worse he stinks in the NBA, that makes him a bigger bust! I followed Seton Hall closely back in the day. Luther Wright was an average (at best) college player, he was just a big load. In the NBA, he was a disaster. Felipe had a HUGE upside in the NBA based on a storied college career, but he flopped.


The Troy Record is one of the worst newspapers in the history of mankind.

SD Jones

I agree I expected more out of Lopez in college and the pros, but I put a lot of fault right in the lap of Brian Mahony. He had no offense; just dribble down clear out and let Lopez try something it was gross to watch. If Carnesecca could have coached Lopez, I think he would have improved greatly playing in Queens.

Nice article can't wait till Rodney Hampton signs with the Firebirds this year and makes a push to re-enter the NFL....

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