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Joe blow

His youngest daughter does not even LOOK LIKE Joe Namath. Bet MOMMY did someone else before SHE was born too. Like MOTHER.... Like DAUGHTER ! Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays to the Brandy Bunch.

Joe Blow

I think the ex wife is Tatiana Namath AKA Debra Mays May who married a plastic surgeon named Brian from Los Angeles after SHE LEFT joe for him. HOW SICK IS SHE... Book says she wanted to MARRY A FOOTBALL PLAYER and SHE PLAYED JOE NAMATH FOR SURE ! Is she CHESTY YET ? Cause she was ALWAYS FLAT CHESTED. SHAME ON YOU DEBRA MAY MAYS TATIANA Namath or whatever BASKET CASE name you go by now !



First of all, I think Joe Namath is a fabulous guy and a great athlete. Secondly, I would have expected nothing less of him than a supportive father and a loving grandfather. He's got a big heart and he knows enough about life to know what is truly important. Besides, he's a Beaver Falls boy and they're always great!


Ok. I just found out today that Debra Mays is my second cousin. From the family photos I have of her. She is gorgeous and we have many facial similarities. But, she seems heartless and cold as hell! That just so happens to be a trait in our family. The mays family that is. So there shouldn't have EVER been anything else expected of a woman who is a niece of my GRANDMA! Go JOe


OMG...a 16 year old had sex so clearly she's a ho...b/c no teenager should have sex right?

Grow up!


A 16 year old screwing a meth dealer, why don't you grow up!

rob mcwilliam

joe suck as football player ,he did nothing but guarantee a super bowl win , if it was not for there defence thay never would have won , and his kid is a ho and a pot head and a drunk just like good old dad

emerson boozer

hey loosers ill bet your daughters a suck queen so shut the f*&^ up!!


Don't talk bad about Namath's daughter just because she likes to fuck and smoke weed!! She sounds pretty cool to me!!! LOL

Jenny from the block

its so funny because I don't think that anyone of you sitting here writing these comments even knows this family. They are both very sweet and extremely smart girls. i think that people should take a look at themselves and question how you can say such horrible things about a stranger. Nobody's perfect! I can only hope that I can live my life out of the public eye so I would never have to come across such hateful comments from people I've never even met. HATERS


Yeah. Because having a baby at age 16 is SO smart.


im happy for the dude. and his daughter has a sexy face, real pretty too. i would definitely give her the time of day. great smile. maybe the grand daughter can be a jets cheerleader or something. im not really a jets fan, but it would be a cool idea.

i think namath is an allright guy.

so the rest of you can keep on crying and all. you aint getting any brownie points for it and you definitely arent any cooler.

im curious what idiot starts crying and says a crap remark on my reply.



Will there EVER be a BOY for Namath? With all these girls around him, I'd say he needs one. DEFENSE ;)


NEVER! It is his joe namath's asrological astrology TAFT... karma :) To endure womens pain as much as he has caused women so much pain and usery with out thoughts of his future or their feelings. Enjoy the woman who bring you pain joe namath, the drunk fool of women who used him. If it is to me, it is up to me. Quote joe namath broadway joe facebook facebook.com - roflmao ~ meant to be broadway joe, say it ain't so Joe.


If it is to be, it is up to me.

Quote joe namath broadway joe jets football facebook facebook.com - roflmao ~ meant to be broadway joe, say it ain't so Joe. Broadwayjoe.tv a fools very lame escape from his real reality of his life now. Armchair quarterback joe namath feeble man who cares not about others he has used in life. Karma is a real female bitch joe.

Fred Sandery

Edwin Baker, age 19 in Jupiter Florida shows a lot of court appearances for several violations. Google Palm Beach court then search his name. Bet Joe Namath is so so proud of the guy who knocked his daughter up. Olivia's arrest records are there too. She got off real easy for Florida's laws on marijuana, etc. INTERESTING.

MEN, they all take their pants off the same. Joe knows that, I bet.

Joe Font

I don't even want to waste my time by saying who are these people bad mouthing Joe & his family? I know their obviously envious and jeolous, the lot of them. Take the man for what he is, a retired Pro Football star & Legend. Take former Pres Clinton for example, Gets felatio in the oval office by a staff member, wets his cigar and leaves evidence on a dress (hence the nick name Wet Willy). Yet half the country as ignorant as they are would still vote for him again!? You're all @$$holes, the lot of you! I'd rather be known & remembered as "Broadway Joe" anyday instead of "Slick Willy".


I just LOVE JOE!!!!


Well I guess all of you critics are to closed minded , or stupid and have never took the time to look at Joe`s stat`s.And for the idiot that gives the defense all the credit, give me a break.First quarterback to get over 4000 yards.Yea , defense was really catching those passes huh .Duh. When you sober up, if you do,maybe you`ll see that defense doesn`t catch passes from their own quareterback. lol. Idiots. And obviously you don`t have kids or you would understand that you love your kids, even though they may make mistakes. Even with no knees, one of the best QB`s ever.


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